Bluebook format required

Casemaker computers are pro-
grammed to capture the Bluebook citation format. If you use a different format the computer may not read all case citations in your document. Please let us know if the computer misses a citation and the exact format used. CASEMAKER will add that information to the database to improve the software.

Beta status cases

CASECHECK+ and CiteCheck are offered only in states where we have performed strict quality control ("QC") analysis of cases and subsequent case authority. We are continuing that process throughout all 50 states and federal cases. If the CiteCheck report returns a case from a state or federal database indicating "BETA," It means that Casemaker is still performing QC on that database. You should review the cases designated Beta using CaseCheck to assure absolute accuracy.

Welcome to CASEMAKER CiteCheck, your personal cite checker.
Simply upload your pleading, brief or other document in any of these formats:

Casemaker computers will read it, automatically extract the case citations and
provide you a list of the cases with subsequent treatment.

To Start CiteCheck

  locate the pleading or brief on your computer using   .
  then click    .

Depending on its size, CASEMAKER should take 30 to 90 seconds to read the
document and provide a report.